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eClinic Hub

Our diagnostic imaging specialists are ready to walk with you every step of the way.


About Us

dynamism and performance

eClinic Hub is a provider of teleradiology services and offers state-of-the-art expertise for Radiology and Medical Imaging Laboratories, both public and private.


The company emerged as a response to the need for a modern, more efficient and faster diagnostic system than traditional, whereby medical service providers have easy access to highly qualified medical staff and provide the necessary assistance to their patients.


Our radiologists are experienced in their areas of interest and can provide detailed interpretations for any type of imaging investigations, in a short period of time and to an impeccable quality, without being present at the site of the examination.


Analyzing Scans


Teleradiology has emerged as a natural response to the need for increasing the use of imaging investigations, more and more used in the clinical process of diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.

Our objective is to provide high quality imaging interpretation services and to create a high quality standard for telemedicine and its practice.

X-Ray Results

Second opinion

The elective interpretation model can easily create sub-specialised professional networks, providing access to dedicated specialists, even for small hospitals or clinics.

Always in the centre of such an approach is the patient, the elective interpretation offering a considerable increase in the quality of the imaging investigations.

Medical form with stethoscope

Management in Radiology

Specially tailored solutions, depending

on the volume and complexity of radiology and medical imaging laboratories

  •  audit and evaluation

  • quality management

  • solutions for streamlining workflow

  • cost-effective solutions

  • procurement consultancy


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29 Ernest Brosteanu

Bucharest, Romania

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